End of the Road Cafe aims to come together every month. As a non-profit group, we just ask for a £4 donation to cover the cost of a coffee/tea and cake. Numbers are limited so it is important to check first that there is space. It is hoped that the convivial environment will foster a sense of sharing thoughts and concerns about this inevitable time of our life.

ROSELIDDEN FARM, nr Helston                    Wednesdays 10.15  -12.15 pm

  2 Oct,  6 Nov,  4 Dec


End of the Road Care – is a natural development arising from the Cafe.

Many of us are realising that to look after others we need to look after ourselves first; all the more so when we think we are too busy to do so!

“Compassion is not a state or emotion but an understanding. It is an understanding that is rooted in the classroom of our lives and hearts and in a genuine and honest investigation of our own relationship to pain and to suffering.”

Christina Feldman

In the summer of 2017, in conjunction with the Vinyana Association, we ran the first ‘Compassionate Care at End of Life’ residential course over two weekends.

A further non-residential weekend is offered in December 2019 (accommodation is available if needed).

Essential Practices in Spiritual Companionship

Presence Compassion Transcendence

6th, 7th, & 8th December

at Roselidden Farm, nr Helston


This course with Tew Bunnag is open primarily to those who are directly involved in palliative care.

What tools and resources can we use in spiritual companionship at the end of life?

How can we best serve our spiritual needs in the dying process?

How can we promote a social awareness which helps people to experience a good death?

How can we integrate spiritual  wellbeing within our personal,   professional and family framework?

We are now planning the next stages of an ongoing programme of support and training for those who are involved in palliative and end of life care.

Course times :  Friday evening 6.30 – 9pm  Saturday 9.30/10 am  – 7pm  Sunday 9.30/10am – 1pm


For more information and to book please contact Jos who will provide payment details  info@roselidden.co.uk


‘Taking Care of Ourselves’  – a 4 week course on Wednesday afternoons in July at Roselidden – was a further step in this programme development.


It was open to everyone directly or indirectly involved in palliative care, regardless of professional or personal experience. Be it someone who is facing their own terminal illness, someone caring for others in that situation, or someone who is facing the pain of loss and bereavement.

It covered issues such as :-

Managing our own wellbeing in the face of constant and on-going demands.

Issues of grieving, as well as caring at end of life.

Keeping a sense of balance so we do not get drained of compassion and caring. (Being compassionate demands total presence and attention – and without skilful means can lead to exhaustion).

Personal preparation to encounter death well (and thereby appreciate and enjoy life more fully).

We connect with the world on three levels – the physical body, the heart and our spirit. When one, or more, becomes overworked we need to rebalance and thus maintain our equilibrium – so we can continue, without draining our own reserves.

 Keeping a wholesome balance between all three is an ongoing act of looking after ourselves.

Though the emphasis was to connect with our own individual needs, the workshops were also a time for sharing our experiences with others.