“If we really faced our fear of death, our lives would ultimately be lighter and more joyful”

Larry Rosenberg



People don’t usually want to think about dying, and certainly not to talk about it, assuming that living is more important. But birth and death are co-existent, ┬ájust the flip side of the same coin. As we talk about it, death can become more comfortable, more familiar, and no longer a stranger.

Talking about the end of life in a friendly, non-judgemental atmosphere may be one way of alleviating fears and concerns, and of coming to terms with it.

The End of the Road cafe offers an opportunity to talk about all aspects of the end of life, regularly meeting at Roselidden Farm, nr Helston, as well as at other venues in SW Cornwall.

As an extension to the cafes, End of the Road Care is now offering workshops and a programme of caring for ourselves, tending to our own humanity and wellbeing while facing end of life fully and openly.