At the moment of death I would like …


to be at peace

to be able to see the sky

to have said a loving farewell to my family

to be near an open window with fresh air

to be ready

to ease out effortlessly with the last breath, in full awareness that all is in the right place.


to accept, and be, in each moment with no regrets,

to not feel the need to look back to any unfinished business,

to be ready to embrace the next step.


It would be nice to

– not do what I do so often, packing at the last minute, squeezing too much in.

– select just the right items needed, and travel lightly rather than carrying numerous, bulging bags of stuff that I probably will not use anyway.

– not be dashing.

– able to go out of that door, over that threshold, completely and unhurriedly, happy to be moving on and through.


Jos  Feb 15 2017


At the moment of death I would like to……

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